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Broadband switching network and TV switching network for 70 Mbit/s

: Langer, K.D.; Lukanek, F.; Vathke, J.; Walf, G.

Hartmann, R.:
New directions in switching and networks : International Zurich Seminar on Digital Communications, March 11 - 13, 1986, Proceedings
Zürich: Verlag der Fachvereine an den Schweizer. Hochschulen und Techniken, 1986
International Zurich Seminar on Digital Communications <9, 1986, Zürich>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer HHI ()
broadband networks; ISDN; local area networks; switching networks; television networks; tv switching network; demonstration broadband switching network; broadband integrated-services local network; cmos gate-array; 70 mbit/s

The concept and implementation are presented for a demonstration broadband switching network and a TV switching network for 70 Mb/s to be used in a future broadband integrated-services local network. The basic component for both switching networks, a 16*16 switching element, was developed using a CMOS gate-array in 2- mu m technology. The low-power consumption (<500 mW) of the switching element creates the possibility for a condensed arrangement of a switching network. It is possible to install a five-stage switching network with 4096 inlets and outlets in one 19-in rack. Results of the development of the switching element, the broadband switching network, and the TV switching network are given.