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Gain properties of semiconductor laser amplifiers with reduced facet reflectivity

: Grosskopf, G.; Ludwig, R.

Frequenz 41 (1987), No.1-2, pp.14-17
ISSN: 0016-1136
ISSN: 2191-6349
Journal Article
Fraunhofer HHI ()
crosstalk; reflectivity; semiconductor junction lasers; gain; semiconductor laser amplifiers; facet reflectivity; orthogonally polarized waves; complex refractive index; linewidth enhancement factor

Optical amplifiers with reduced facet reflectivity are investigated. Two orthogonally polarized waves (two channels) are launched into the amplifier. Intensity modulation in one channel causes crosstalk into the other channel via a change of the complex refractive index in the amplifier. The authors show that the crosstalk is connected with the linewidth enhancement factor.