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Integrated optic strip waveguide phase modulator driven by a SAW

: Helmolt, C. von

Journal of Lightwave Technology LT-5 (1987), No.2, pp.218-28
ISSN: 0733-8724
Journal Article
Fraunhofer HHI ()
acousto-optical devices; integrated optics; lithium compounds; optical modulation; optical waveguides; phase modulation; surface acoustic wave devices; titanium; transverse magnetic polarisation; integrated optic strip waveguide phase modulators; surface acoustic wave; z-cut crystal; y-propagating saw; interaction length; optical phase shifts; transverse electric polarization; 20 to 580 mhz; 9 mw; linbo3

Single-mode integrated optic strip waveguide phase modulators driven by a surface acoustic wave (SAW) are investigated theoretically and experimentally. Evaluating the overlap integral, a good agreement is obtained between measured and theoretical results. Measurements were performed on ZY-LiNbO3 (z-cut crystal, y-propagating SAW) between 20 MHz and 580 MHz at lambda 0=0.85 mu m optical wavelength using titanium indiffused waveguides. At 9-mW SAW power in an interaction length of 4 mm, optical phase shifts are measured to be 0.32 and 0.112 for transverse magnetic and transverse electric polarization, respectively, at 21.5 MHz.