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Mikrokapsel und Verbundstoff

Microcapsule, useful as additive in a composite, comprises a solid carrier material for an auxiliary- and/or active-substance and a wall material encapsulating the carrier material
: Bertling, J.; Sengespeick, A.; Nellesen, A.; Ceyhan, E.

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DE 102008047976 A: 20080918
DE 102008047976 A: 20080918
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(A1) Dargestellt und beschrieben ist eine Mikrokapsel (5) mit wenigstens einem festen Traegermaterial (1) fuer wenigstens eine Hilfs- und/oder Wirksubstanz (2) und mit wenigstens einem das Traegermaterial (1) umkapselnden Wandmaterial (4), wobei das Traegermaterial (1) mit der Hilfs- und/oder Wirksubstanz (2) beladen ist.


DE 102008047976 A1 UPAB: 20100414 NOVELTY - Microcapsule (5) comprises at least one solid carrier material (1) for at least one auxiliary- and/or active-substance (2) and at least one wall material (4) encapsulating the carrier material, where the carrier material is loaded with the auxiliary- and/or active-substance. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - INDEPENDENT CLAIMS are included for: (1) a composite comprising a matrix material (preferably a thermoplastic polymer) and the above microcapsule, as additive, distributed in the matrix material; (2) a method for preparing the composite from a thermoplastic polymer and the microcapsule, as additive, comprising mixing the polymer with the microcapsule by melt mixing in a mixing and/or extruding device to form the composite; and (3) intermediate or final product obtained by extruding, injection molding, blow molding, calendering, deep-drawing and/or pressing the composite. USE - The microcapsule is useful as additive in a composite, which is useful for making intermediate and final product (all claimed). ADVANTAGE - The microcapsule is simple and cost-effective, and has high strength and high stability against pressure.