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Efficiency of guided wave acoustooptic interaction for selected cuts in LiNbO3

: Helmolt, C. von; Schaffer, C.H.

Journal of optical communications 8 (1987), No.2, pp.49-56
ISSN: 0173-4911
Journal Article
Fraunhofer HHI ()
acousto-optical devices; lithium compounds; optical modulation; surface acoustic wave devices; surface acoustic waves; guided wave acoustooptic interaction; selected cuts; thin film acoustooptic modulators; saw propagation direction; optical polarization; optical field; te polarized light; broadband modulators; numerical analysis; acoustic field theory; quasi static electric field approximation; complex mechanical power flow; linbo3

The efficiency of thin film acoustooptic modulators in LinNbO3 is investigated theoretically in order to select the optimum crystal cut, SAW propagation direction and optical polarization. For a well concentrated optical field x-cut LiNbO3, z-propagating SAW and TE polarized light offers best performance for broadband modulators. In the Appendix parameters of several SAWs on the free surfaces of LiNbO3 were determined by numerical analysis using acoustic field theory and the quasi static electric field approximation. Complete sets of parameters are given for calculation of SAW fields related to the magnitude of complex mechanical power flow.