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Detection of human effluents by a MOS gas sensor in correlation to VOC quantification by GC/MS

: Herberger, S.; Herold, M.; Ulmer, H.; Burdack-Freitag, A.; Mayer, F.


Building and environment 45 (2010), No.11, pp.2430-2439
ISSN: 0360-1323
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IBP ()

Due to increasing interest in indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring for demand controlled ventilation (DCV) aiming at improved perceived air quality, health, energy and cost saving, the objective of this study has been the development of a sensor module based on a single microelectromechanical-system (MEMS) metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) gas sensor for IAQ monitoring as close as possible to the human sensory impression in indoor environments. Based on the results of a statistical evaluation on human induced volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the ambient air of indoor environments correlating with human presence and perceived air quality, the performance of differently doped SnO2 thick film gas sensor materials has been investigated in laboratory and by means of field tests in order to find the most promising sensor material for IAQ monitoring based on the detection of changes of human induced VOCs in indoor air. Implementation of an empirical evaluation algorithm reversing proportionality of anthropogenic CO2 production and other bio-effluent generation allows prediction of CO2 equivalent units. Analytical instrumentation and reference sensors served to evaluate the effectiveness of the developed sensor module in real-life.