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Multiplizierer für die Kanalcodierung

Multipliers for channel coding
: Hahn, M.; Stammnitz, P.

Nachrichtentechnische Zeitschrift : NTZ 41 (1988), No.5, pp.270-275
ISSN: 0027-707X
Journal Article
Fraunhofer HHI ()
codecs; encoding; error correction codes; multiplying circuits; telecommunication channels; noise reduction; binary codes; channel coding; data channels; heinrich-hertz-institut; channel codec; block codes; bose-chaudhuri- hocquenghem code; reed-solomon code; algorithm; product summation; galois field multiplier; cascode current switch; noise resistance

Noise reduction on data channels by means of channel coding is discussed, and the development at the Heinrich-Hertz-Institut of a universal channel codec, using block codes, particularly Bose-Chaudhuri-Hocquenghem code and Reed-Solomon code, is described. Multiplication in Galois fields is explained, including an algorithm for the component product summation method. The structure and operation of Heinrich-Hertz-Institute's Galois field multiplier is described. Based on cascode current switch technology, with 3000 integration cells, it offers a compact design and good noise resistance. Examples of applications include decoding of binary BCH and RS codes by a variety of algorithmic processes.