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Wideband communications. Terminals in the year 2000

: Romahn, G.

Funkschau 60 (1988), No.17, pp.38-41
ISSN: 0016-2841
Journal Article
Fraunhofer HHI ()
broadband networks; telecommunication equipment; analog networks; broadband communications; comprehensive domestic terminal; wideband services; hierarchical concept; softkey system; touch-type programmable keys; hardkey system; digital networks; audio/visual services keyboard; microprocessor; distribution links; signal-processing modules; btx; tv; vcr

The shape of a comprehensive domestic terminal for the wideband services of the future is described. Two basic approaches are considered: the hierarchical concept, which restricts arbitrary usage by sequential restraints, thus simplifying user operations. Such a softkey system is equipped with touch-type programmable keys. The other approach is the hardkey system, where the subscriber has full access to all autonomous controls. Both systems are described by block diagrams, showing the construction for use in analog and digital networks; it is arranged on three levels: audio/visual services keyboard with interfaces to microprocessor and distribution links to signal-processing modules, to match Btx, TV, VCR etc. to network lines. The author shows the layout of a hierarchical control desk with touch display on the left- and fixed operational keys on the right.