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Broadband distribution techniques for future broadband communications networks

: Baack, C.; Heydt, G.; Walf, G.

Kaiser, W.:
Telematica. Internationaler Fachkongress für integrierte Telekommunikation, Telematik, Kabel- u. Satellitenkommunikation 1988 : 8.-10. Juni 1988 Stuttgart
München: Fischer, 1988
ISBN: 3-88927-047-6
Telematica <4, 1988, Stuttgart>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer HHI ()
broadband networks; history; ISDN; optical communication; television systems; video signals; technical planning; broadband communications networks; technical development; television signals; europe; fast tdm; electronic fdm; coherent optical fdm; television; HDTV

The author summarises the state of technical development and planning in the incorporation of television signals into ISDN throughout Europe. He outlines the history and state of various systems capable of meeting broadband requirements, i.e. TDM, fast TDM, electronic FDM, coherent optical FDM, and optical FDM. He comments on the relative merits of these five systems and their suitability for normal television and for HDTV.