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The state of the large-picture HDTV

: Mahler, G.

Kaiser, W.:
Telematica. Internationaler Fachkongress für integrierte Telekommunikation, Telematik, Kabel- u. Satellitenkommunikation 1988 : 8.-10. Juni 1988 Stuttgart
München: Fischer, 1988
ISBN: 3-88927-047-6
Telematica <4, 1988, Stuttgart>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer HHI ()
display devices; optical projectors; television cameras; television equipment; television systems; projected displays; talaria projectors; large-picture HDTV; HDTV cameras; plasma displays; lcd displays; eidophor projectors; direct display; 2 m

The author comments on such aspects as: the abilities of present HDTV cameras, the requirements for a large picture, the various ways of displaying (direct and projected), plasma displays, LCD displays, projection methods (front and back) and new types of projectors and their state of development (e.g. the Talaria and eidophor projectors). He concludes that a direct display with a 2 m diagonal and 1000 lines is still a long way off.