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Lithium niobate guided-wave network for a coherent receiver

: Heidrich, H.; Hoffmann, V.D.; Helmolt, C.H.v.; Ahlers, H.


Optics Letters 14 (1989), No.1, pp.99-101
ISSN: 0146-9592
Journal Article
Fraunhofer HHI ()
indium compounds; integrated optoelectronics; lithium compounds; optical communication equipment; receivers; tin compounds; temperature-insensitive optical compensators; ito-metal electrodes; optical receiver; endless polarization control; integrated-optical chip; coherent receiver; guided-wave network; heterodyne receiver; tunable 3-db coupler; wavelength insensitive optical compensators; continuous reset-free polarization transformation; fabrication yield; linbo3; insno

The authors report on a packaged LiNbO3 guided-wave network for a heterodyne receiver that combines a tunable 3-dB coupler with temperature- and wavelength insensitive optical compensators for continuous reset-free polarization transformation. A fabrication yield of 90% could be achieved by employing indium-tin-oxide-metal electrodes. Characteristic data of the device are given.