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Coherent lithium niobate receiver chip for reset-free polarization control

: Heidrich, H.; Hoffmann, D.; Helmolt, C.H. von; Ahlers, H.

IEE Electronics Division:
Fourteenth European Conference on Optical Communication, ECOC 88. Vol.1 : 11 - 15 September 1988
London: IEE, 1988 (IEE conference publication 292)
ISBN: 0-85296-369-6
European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC) <14, 1988, Brighton>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer HHI ()
directional couplers; integrated optics; light polarisation; lithium compounds; optical communication equipment; optical couplers; optical waveguides; receivers; tunable coupler; coherent optical receivers; optical compensators; polarization control; linbo3

In coherent optical receivers continuous state of polarization (SOP) matching of the local oscillator and received signal must be achieved, e.g. by polarization scrambling, polarization diversity or polarization transformation. The authors report on a packaged integrated-optical LiNbO3 chip comprising optical compensators for endless polarization control and a tunable 3 dB coupler.