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Integrated optics eight-port 90 degrees hybrid on LiNbO3

: Hoffman, D.; Heidrich, H.; Wenke, G.; Langenhorst, R.; Dietrich, E.

Journal of Lightwave Technology 7 (1989), No.5, pp.794-8
ISSN: 0733-8724
Journal Article
Fraunhofer HHI ()
bridge circuits; directional couplers; integrated optics; lithium compounds; optical couplers; phase shifters; electrooptic tuning; integrated optical eight-port 90 degrees hybrid; bridge circuit; phase pattern; intermediate frequency; phase stability; phase control loop; linbo3; ito-au; insno-au

The design, fabrication, and characterization of an integrated optical eight-port 90 degrees hybrid in LiNbO3 are discussed. The hybrid is realized as a bridge circuit comprising four directional couplers and two phase shifters, each of the devices being electrooptically tunable. The electrodes are fabricated as combined indium-tin-oxide/gold multilayers. The component provides the desired phase pattern of the intermediate frequency. Measurements on the phase stability of the integrated bridge show phase fluctuations of <+or-5 degrees and a temperature drift of approximately=15 degrees / degrees C. Both may be eliminated by a phase control loop.