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Noise reduction in a digital HDTV system

: Zier, D.

NTZ-Archiv 11 (1989), No.4, pp.191-6
ISSN: 0170-172X
Journal Article
Fraunhofer HHI ()
high definition television; interference suppression; picture processing; video signals; digital HDTV system; tv studio cameras; bandwidth; noise reduction; motion-adaptive algorithm; hardware structure; integrated circuits

HDTV cameras show less signal-to-noise ratio than common TV studio cameras because of the high bandwidth of HDTV signals. It is necessary to reduce the noise in a high quality HDTV system. A new noise reduction method was developed at the Heinrich-Hertz-Institut Berlin. This noise reduction works in motionless and motion parts of the picture without subjective visible degradations. The conversion of this motion-adaptive algorithm for noise reduction into a hardware structure and the simulations of this structure are described. The development of the hardware structure took available integrated circuits into consideration.