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The Na/Cl ratio in rainwater and the seasalt chloride cycle

: Moller, D.


Tellus, Series B. Chemical and physical meteorology 42B, (1990), No.3, pp.254-62
ISSN: 0280-6509
Journal Article
Fraunhofer HHI ()
air pollution; atmospheric chemistry; atmospheric composition; rain; atmosphere; chemical composition; element ratio; east germany; rainwater; seasalt chloride cycle; separation; continental rain; anthropogenic excess cl deposition; HCl degassing; Cl; Na

Possible seasalt and excess component sources for a variable Na/Cl ratio in rainwater have been discussed. It is shown that a separation of seasalt Na and Cl takes place during transport from sea to continent, leading to increased seasalt Na/Cl ratio (>0.86) in continental rain, which has to be regarded as the seasalt reference figure. The possible consequence for anthropogenic excess Cl deposition are discussed for the GDR. The maritime HCl degassing is assessed to be of the order of 200 kt yr-1. Based on budget calculations, different Cl fluxes (emission, deposition, river run-off) have been estimated on a global scale.