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Duplexer crosstalk requirements for bidirectional optical subscriber loops using optoelectronic integrated circuits

: Weich, K.; Vathke, J.; Walf, G.

EFOC/LAN 90. The Eighth European Fibre Optic Communication and Local Area Networks Exposition. Proceedings : June 27-28, 1990, Munich, Federal Republic of Germany
Basel: IGI Europe, 1990
European Fiber Optic Communications and Local Area Networks Exposition (EFOC LAN) <8, 1990, München>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer HHI ()
crosstalk; integrated optoelectronics; optical links; optical losses; subscriber loops; duplexer crosstalk requirements; near end crosstalk attenuations; bidirectional optical subscriber loops; optoelectronic integrated circuits; local network; insertion loss; far-end crosstalk attenuations; induced penalties; transmission loops; laser diode; photodiode; semiconductor chip; worst case optical power budget; losses

Duplex operation in the local network is a very attractive technique especially when using optoelectronic integrated devices (OEICs). The authors deal with duplexer requirements directed to insertion loss, near-end and far-end crosstalk attenuations, obtained by calculations of duplexer crosstalk induced penalties considering transmission loops with OEICs (laser diode, photodiode and duplexer on one semiconductor chip). The calculations are based on a worst case optical power budget including losses due to waveguides, laser-waveguide couplers, chip-fiber couplers, fiber etc.