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Security and privacy enablers for future identity management systems

Presentation held at Future Network & MobileSummit 2010, 16-18 June 2010, Florence, Italy
: Barisch, M.; Torroglosa Garcia, E.; Lischka, M.; Marques, R.; Marx, R.; Matos, A.; Perez Mendez, A.; Scheuermann, D.

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2010, 9 pp.
Annual Conference "Future Network and Mobile Summit" <19, 2010, Florence>
Presentation, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer SIT ()
identity management; privacy protection; virtual identity

In recent years, Identity Management (IdM) has gained a lot of attention in industry, standardisation and academia. In particular, a couple of research projects, like Daidalos or Prime, have invested considerable effort to bring IdM forward, to take advantage of features like improved usability and security. Nevertheless, there are important issues that have not been addressed so far. The SWIFT project leverages IdM as a key technology of the Future Internet, tackling problems like the integration of the network and application layer from an IdM perspective as well as the use of electronic identity cards. Moreover, aspects like the integration of several user devices, backward compatibility and new access control infrastructure are required by future IdM solutions. We consider all these as pects by extending existing IdM solutions with six new security and privacy enablers that are part of the overall SWIFT framework. These enablers have been partially implemented towards a new IdM architecture. First evaluation results of the implementation are promising to pave the way towards future IdM solutions.