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Balanced phase and polarization diversity coherent optical receiver



IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 3 (1991), No.1, pp.80-2
ISSN: 1041-1135
Journal Article
Fraunhofer HHI ()
bipolar integrated circuits; optical communication equipment; phase shift keying; receivers; Si bipolar multiplier IC; balanced receiver; polarization diversity coherent optical receiver; compact bulk optical hybrid; optical signals; phase relations; dynamic range; signal power; dpsk transmission system; 565 mbit/s; Si

A balanced phase and polarization diversity receiver employing a compact bulk optical 90 degrees hybrid and a silicon bipolar multiplier IC is described. The compact bulk optical hybrid provides all required optical signals with well-defined phase relations in a single unit and is therefore a good solution of the problems associated with the complex structure of the optical part of the receiver. The multiplier IC has a dynamic range of at least 15 dB. It guarantees that variations of the signal power in the different detection branches of the receiver cause negligible degradation in both diversity operations. The receiver has been tested in a 565-Mb/s DPSK transmission system.