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Approaches for 3D-visualizations and knowledge worlds for exploratory learning

: Burkhardt, Dirk; Stab, Christian; Nazemi, Kawa; Breyer, Matthias; Fellner, Dieter W.

Gómez Chova, L. ; International Association of Technology, Education and Development -IATED-:
International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies, EDULEARN 2010. Proceedings. CD-ROM : 5th - 7th of July 2010, Barcelona
Valencia: IATED, 2010
ISBN: 978-84-613-9386-2
International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies (EDULEARN) <2, 2010, Barcelona>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IGD ()
web-based learning; semantic visualization; E-Learning environment; 3D visualization

Graphical knowledge representations open promising perspectives to support the explorative learning on web. 2D-visualization are recently evaluated as gainful knowledge exploration systems, whereas 3D-visualization systems did not find their way into web-based explorative learning. 3D-visualizations and "3D Knowledge Worlds", as virtual environment in context of e-learning, comprise a high degree of authenticity, because the used metaphors are known by the users from the real world. But different challenges like the usage of 3D-Knowledge World without losing the learning context and the focused learning goals are rarely investigated and considered. New technologies provide the opportunity to introduce 3D-visualizations and environments on web to support a web-based explorative learning. Therefore it is necessary to investigate the prospects of 3D-visualization for transferring and adopting knowledge on web.
The following paper describes different approaches to use 3D-visualization and Knowledge Worlds for conveying knowledge on web-based systems using web-based contents. The approaches for 3D visualizations are classified into different layout algorithm and the knowledge worlds are classified interaction character.