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Determination of Materials Properties on Micro Components

: Vogel, D.; Sommer, J.-P.; Kühnert, R.; Michel, B.

Materials Week 2000. Proceedings
Frankfurt: Werkstoffwoche-Partnerschaft GbRmbH, 2000
Materials Week <2000, München>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IZM ()

Properties for materials as applied in microsystems and microelectronics can differ significantly from those determined on bulk materials. These differences can be caused by changes in topology, e.g. in thin polymer layer, by the impact of manufacturing and other reasons. Consequently, material properties for micro components sometimes have to be measured directly on components where applied or on adequate small size specimens. In this case standard testing equipment cannot be used.
The authors present unique optical techniques for the determination of elastic material properties, like Young's modulus, coefficient of thermal expansion and Poisson ratio. The methods base on digital correlation algorithms and allow measurement on small scale or thin layered specimens, which are not suitable for commonly used standard equipment. Measurement results are presented for different polymeric materials.
Finally, a measurement approach to determine coefficients of thermal expansion directly on thin layers deposited on silicon cantilever structures is presented