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Threshold-current analysis of InGaAs-InGaAsP multiquantum well separate-confinement lasers

: Rosenzweig, M.; Möhrle, M.; Düser, H.; Venghaus, H.


IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 27 (1991), No.6, pp.1804-1811
ISSN: 0018-9197
Journal Article
Fraunhofer HHI ()
carrier density; gallium arsenide; gallium compounds; iii-v semiconductors; indium compounds; laser transitions; semiconductor junction lasers; semiconductor quantum wells; long-wavelength; InGaAs wells; effective mass approximation; fermi statistics; logarithmic dependence; optical gain; quantum well lasers; one confined electron state; threshold currents; broad-area lasers; cavity lengths; characteristic parameters; transparency current density; gain constant; absorption; active region; 1.55 micron; InGaAs-InGaAsp multiquantum well separate confinement lasers

An analysis of the threshold behavior of long-wavelength ( lambda =1.55 mu m) multiquantum well separate-confinement lasers with InGaAs wells and quaternary ( lambda g=1.3 mu m) barriers is presented. Using the effective mass approximation and Fermi statistics for carriers, an approximately logarithmic dependence of optical gain on carrier density for quantum well lasers with one confined electron state is predicted theoretically. This prediction is verified by measured threshold currents of broad-area lasers of various cavity lengths and different numbers of quantum wells. Moreover, the characteristic parameters, such as transparency current density, gain constant, and absorption outside the active region, are determined.