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DAB-a new sound broadcasting system status of the development-routes to its introduction

: Pienge, G.

EBU review. Technical (1991), pp.87-112
ISSN: 0379-7155
ISSN: 1018-7391
Journal Article
Fraunhofer HHI ()
decoding; digital radio systems; encoding; frequency division multiplexing; hi-fi equipment; radio broadcasting; sound broadcasting system; dab; eureka project 147; data services; stereophony; punctured convolutional code; channel coding; unequal error protection; average code rate; cofdm; coded orthogonal frequency division multiplex; modulation method; rf bandwidth; viterbi decoding; concealment; receiver

Describes the DAB sound broadcasting system developed by Eureka Project 147, with the results obtained up to mid-1990. An analysis of the existing sound broadcasting systems and their remaining possibilities for further development shows that, for a new system, only pure digital technology can be considered. Inevitably, such a system is incompatible with existing systems. On this basis, requirements for a new system are described that also take into account new data services and possible developments in stereophony. The studies so far suggest that the basic parameters of the system will probably be: audio-signal bit-rate after source coding approximately 192 kbit/s per stereophonic programme: punctured convolutional code for the channel coding with unequal error protection and an average code rate 1/2; COFDM (coded orthogonal frequency division multiplex) as the modulation method with an RF bandwidth of at least 1.5 MHz; Viterbi decoding and concealment in the receiver.