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3D-television: a survey of recent research results on subjective requirements

: Pastoor, S.


Image communication 4 (1991), No.1, pp.21-32
ISSN: 0923-5965
Journal Article
Fraunhofer HHI ()
data compression; human factors; television systems; 3d tv; three-dimensional television; screen size; viewing distance; spatio-temporal resolution; data-compressing techniques; picture signals; irrelevance reduction; reconstructed images

At present the foundations are being laid out for the implementation of three-dimensional television. Apart from the engineering problems to be solved there are a number of questions connected with human factors which have to be answered. These questions are related to fundamental requirements with regard to certain system features such as screen size, viewing distance and the spatio-temporal resolution of the image in the three dimensions of space. Since the implementation of data-compressing techniques is essential for the recording and transmission of 3D TV picture signals, it is necessary to show the possibilities of irrelevance reduction as well as to define the demands made on the quality of reconstructed images. The author summarizes the latest results of research and shows in which fields work must be carried out on hitherto unanswered questions.