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Light valve technology for HDTV-state of the art

: Gerhard-Multhaupt, R.

Canadian Broadcasting Corp., Ottawa:
Fourth International Colloquium on Advanced Television Systems, HDTV 90. Colloquium Proceedings. Vol.1 : Ottawa, Ont., Canada, 25-29 June 1990
Montreal: CBC Eng., 1990
International Colloquium on Advanced Television Systems (HDTV) <4, 1990, Ottawa>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer HHI ()
cathode-ray tube displays; colour television receivers; electro-optical devices; high definition television; liquid crystal displays; optical projectors; transmissive light valves; colour tv receivers; electro-optic control layers; crt displays; HDTV; electron beam addressed; reflective liquid-crystal light valves; active-matrix addressing; high resolution; light-valve projectors; oil-film control layers; metallised viscoelastic layers; deformable micromechanical mirrors; polymer-encapsulated liquid crystals

After an introduction, in which liquid crystal and electron beam addressed light-valve projectors are briefly reviewed, the main light-valve technologies are explained in some detail. Transmissive and reflective liquid-crystal light valves with various types of addressing are described first; the trend toward active-matrix addressing and high resolution is demonstrated. Commercial light-valve projectors with electro-optic and oil-film control layers are briefly introduced before more recently developed technologies such as metallised viscoelastic layers, deformable micromechanical mirrors, and polymer-encapsulated liquid crystals are discussed. Finally, in view of its importance for the field, some aspects of active-matrix addressing are briefly examined.