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Autostereoscopic lenticular systems

: Borner, R.

IEE Electronics Division:
Colloquium on Stereoscopic Television : Thursday, 15 October 1992
London, 1992 (Digest. Institution of Electrical Engineers 173)
Colloquium on Stereoscopic Television <1992, London>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer HHI ()
optical projectors; television equipment; three-dimensional displays; autostereoscopic multichannel front projection; 3d tv; large lenticular screens; rearprojection; direct view display

The author discusses the research that has taken place at the Heinrich-Hertz-Institut fur Nachrichtentechnik into lenticular methods for autostereoscopic multichannel front projection (3D TV). The system requirements, large lenticular screens, rearprojection and direct view display are covered.