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Bidirectional eigenmode propagation for large refractive index steps

: Sztefka, G.; Nolting, H.P.


IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 5 (1993), No.5, pp.554-7
ISSN: 1041-1135
Journal Article
Fraunhofer HHI ()
diffraction gratings; directional couplers; eigenvalues and eigenfunctions; integrated optics; optical couplers; optical losses; optical waveguide theory; refractive index; forward travelling eigenvalues; laser diodes; active laser devices; photodetectors; dbr lasers; dfb lasers; large refractive index steps; bidirectional eigenmode propagation; transfer-matrix method; mode-matching method; maxwell's boundary conditions; longitudinal large discontinuities; backward travelling eigenvalues; discretized radiation modes; grating-assisted codirectional coupler; radiation losses; cleaved waveguide facet; reflected intensity; taperlike structure; directional coupler; butt-coupling; taper; vcse-laser; large refractive index differences

The bidirectional eigenmode propagation (BEP) combines the advantages of the transfer-matrix method for propagation and the mode-matching method (satisfying Maxwell's boundary conditions) at longitudinal large discontinuities for forward and backward travelling eigenvalues including discretized radiation modes. The calculated examples include a grating-assisted codirectional coupler for which 20% radiation losses have been found, and a cleaved waveguide facet with 39% reflected intensity and recapture of radiation modes due to a taperlike structure. The BEP is applicable to various types of optical passive (directional coupler, butt-coupling, taper) and active (DBR-, DFB-, and VCSE-laser, detector) devices with large refractive index differences.