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Polarization insensitive frequency conversion of a 10-channel OFDM signal using four-wave-mixing in a semiconductor laser amplifier



IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 6 (1994), No.1, pp.56-8
ISSN: 1041-1135
Journal Article
Fraunhofer HHI ()
fluctuations; frequency division multiplexing; multiwave mixing; optical communication equipment; optical modulation; semiconductor lasers; polarization insensitive frequency conversion; 10-channel; ofdm signal; four-wave-mixing; semiconductor laser amplifier; ultrafast nonlinear gain dynamics; channel spacing; modulation rate; ber measurements; system degradation; polarisation fluctuations; cross-talk; 140 mbit/s

Four-wave-mixing based on ultrafast nonlinear gain dynamics in a semiconductor laser amplifier was applied for wavelength conversion of a 10-channel OFDM signal with a channel spacing of 9 GHz and a modulation rate of 140 Mb/s per channel. Conversion over 275 GHz was realised. BER measurements revealed no severe system degradation due to polarisation fluctuations or cross-talk.