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All-optical demultiplexing using ultrafast four-wave-mixing in a semiconductor laser amplifier at 20 Gbit/s

: Ludwig, R.; Raybon, G.

19th European conference on optical communication, ECOC '93. Vol.3. Post deadline papers. Proceedings : Sept. 12-16, 1993 Centre de Congrès et d'Expositions Montreux, Switzerland
Zürich: Swiss Electrotechnical Association, 1993
European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC) <19, 1993, Montreux>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer HHI ()
demultiplexing; high-speed optical techniques; multiwave mixing; optical receivers; semiconductor lasers; time division multiplexing; all-optical demultiplexing; ultrafast four-wave-mixing; semiconductor laser amplifier; time division demultiplexing; 1 thz frequency conversion; 20 Gbit/s; 40 Gbit/s

All-optical time division demultiplexing and simultaneous 1 THz frequency conversion is demonstrated at 20 Gbit/s using four-wave-mixing in a semiconductor laser amplifier. Successful demultiplexing of 40 Gbit/s polarization multiplexed data is also achieved by taking advantage of the polarization dependence of four-wave-mixing in the semiconductor medium. The technique has the potential for 100 Gbit/s demultiplexing and for integration into a compact monolithic receiver circuit on InP.