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Space-switching at 1.55 mu m using thermo-optic tunable polymer waveguide devices

: Keil, N.; Yao, H.H.; Zawadzki, C.; Strebel, B.

European Institute for Communications and Networks, Geneve:
European optical communications and networks. Proceedings. Papers on optical communication systems and optical access networks : Twelfth Annual Conference on European Fibre Optic Communications and Networks, Heidelberg, June 21 - 24, 1994
Basel: Verl. AKM, 1994
ISBN: 3-905084-27-9
Conference on European Fibre Optic Communications and Networks (EFOC&N) <12, 1994, Heidelberg>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer HHI ()
directional couplers; integrated optoelectronics; optical couplers; optical switches; optical waveguides; polymers; thermo-optical effects; space-switching; thermo-optic tunable polymer waveguide devices; fabrication technology; integrated thermo-optic tunable polymer space-switching elements; single space-switching elements; mach-zehnder type switches; 2*2 directional coupler; directional coupler type switches; 4*4 matrix-switch; 1.55 mu m wavelength; low electrical power consumption; response time; polarization sensitivity; optical transparent communication systems; 1.55 mum

The fabrication technology for integrated thermo-optic (TO) tunable polymer space-switching elements is described. Single space-switching elements like (1*1)-Mach-Zehnder (MZ)-type switches and (2*2)-directional coupler (DC)-type switches are presented. The integration of five (2*2)-DC-type switches forming a (4*4)-matrix-switch is demonstrated. The switches are operated at 1.55 mu m wavelength and show a low electrical power consumption in combination with an excellent response time. Their lack of polarization sensitivity promises a high potential for use in future optical transparent communication systems.