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Antireflection-coated diffractive optical elements fabricated by thin-film deposition

: Pawlowski, E.; Kuhlow, B.


Optical engineering 33 (1994), No.11, pp.3537-46
ISSN: 0091-3286
ISSN: 0036-1860
Journal Article
Fraunhofer HHI ()
antireflection coatings; computer-generated holography; holographic gratings; integrated optics; lenses; sputter deposition; sputtered coatings; antireflection-coated diffractive optical elements; thin-film deposition; fabrication; angular spectrum approach; characteristic matrices; reflectivity; in situ controlled multilayers; sio2; tio2; blazed profile; stepped profile; diffraction efficiency; fresnel zone lenses; 97 percent

The use of thin-film deposition in the fabrication of antireflection- coated diffractive optical elements is discussed. The antireflection coatings for these diffractive elements are optimized on the basis of an angular spectrum approach and the method of characteristic matrices. A minimum reflectivity as low as 1*10-4 is realized using in situ controlled multilayers of TiO2 and SiO2. The blazed profile of the diffractive optical elements is approximated by a stepped profile with up to 32 phase levels. The highest measured diffraction efficiency for 32-level Fresnel zone lenses was 97%.