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Results of benchmark tests for different numerical BPM algorithms

: Nolting, H.-P.; Marz, R.


Journal of Lightwave Technology 13 (1995), No.2, pp.216-24
ISSN: 0733-8724
Journal Article
Fraunhofer HHI ()
finite difference methods; integrated optics; modelling; optical waveguide theory; physics computing; simulation; benchmark tests; numerical bpm algorithms; cost project 240; modelling workshop; teupitz; germany; bpm algorithms; ftbpm; fdbpms; wide angle approximations; adaptive fe-bpm; quasi-analytic character; absolute accuracy; integrated optical circuit simulations

Some key results of a benchmark test, initiated in 1992 by the Working Group 2 of COST Project 240 at a modelling workshop in Teupitz, Germany, are presented. A great number of BPM algorithms, such as the FTBPM, various types of FDBPMs, wide angle approximations and adaptive FE-BPM are compared. The quasi-analytic character of the benchmark tests gains a deeper insight into the absolute accuracy.