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Road mapping technology for enhancing security to protect medical & genetic data. D6.1 RADICAL project dissemination strategy

Strategie der Verbreitung der Projektergebnisse
: Lange, M.; Giambene, G.; Stylianidis, S.; Smagas, K.; Chini, P.; Menevidis, Z.; Cox, B.; Tavlaki, E.; Kolios, A.

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Created on: 30.6.2010

Online im WWW, 2009, 39 pp.
Report, Electronic Publication
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VPH; Virtual Physiological Human; security and privacy requirement

The RADICAL Dissemination Strategy describes the approach and strategic planning for raising the awareness for, and supporting the understanding of the VPH approach and particularly also for the protection of medical and genetic data in the implemen-tation of that approach. It supports further the promotion of the RADICAL projects&8223; results, in particular to researchers, health projects in the FP7 programme, EU policy makers, national health authorities and other stakeholders.