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Fabrication of a heterodyne receiver OEIC with optimized integration process using three MOVPE growth steps only



IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 8 (1996), No.1, pp.75-7
ISSN: 1041-1135
Journal Article
Fraunhofer HHI ()
integrated optoelectronics; optical fabrication; optical receivers; vapour phase epitaxial growth; heterodyne receiver; oeic; optimized integration; movpe; fabrication; single-mode laser; waveguide; semi-insulating buried heterostructure dfb-laser; coupler; high-speed photodiode; epitaxial growth; 14 mw; 9 GHz; 11 GHz

An optimized integration process is reported requiring only three epitaxial growth steps for the fabrication of an OEIC encompassing a single-mode laser, a waveguide element, and fast photodiodes. The process was applied to the fabrication of a heterodyne receiver including a semi-insulating buried heterostructure (SIBH)-DFB-laser with an output power of 14 mW and a side-mode suppression ratio greater than 40 dB, a 3-dB coupler, and high-speed balanced photodiodes with a bandwidth of 9 GHz. The laser can also be used as a transmitter laser exhibiting a modulation bandwidth of 11 GHz.