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Optical millimetre-wave generation and transmission experiments for mobile 60 GHz band communications

: Braun, R.P.; Grosskopf, G.; Rohde, D.; Schmidt, F.


Electronics Letters 32 (1996), No.7, pp.626-8
ISSN: 0013-5194
Journal Article
Fraunhofer HHI ()
digital radio; error statistics; laser beam applications; microwave links; mobile radio; optical links; semiconductor lasers; optical millimetre-wave communication; generation experiments; transmission experiments; mobile ehf communications; millimetre-wave radio signals; hetrodyning; ber; bit error rate; mm-wave signals; 140 mbit/s; 60 GHz

Experiments on the optical generation and transmission of millimetre-wave radio signals are reported. the millimetre-wave carrier is generated by hetrodyning the signals of two semiconductor lasers at an optic/millimetre-wave converter. A 140 Mbit/s signal at a carrier frequency beyond 60 GHz was transmitted successfully with a BER below 10-9.