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Optical time-domain demultiplexing using semiconductor laser amplifiers


European Institute for Communications and Networks, Geneve:
European Optical Communications and Networks. Proceedings. Vol.2: Papers on ATM, Networks and LANs : Thirteenth Annual Conference on European Fibre Optic Communications and Networks, Brighton, England, June 27 - 30, 1995
Basel: Verl. AKM, 1995
ISBN: 3-905084-39-2
Conference on European Fibre Optic Communications and Networks (EFOC&N) <13, 1995, Brighton>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer HHI ()
demultiplexing; multiwave mixing; optical communication equipment; optical fibre couplers; optical information processing; optical logic; semiconductor lasers; optical time-domain demultiplexing; semiconductor laser amplifiers; optical fibres; electronic signal processing; optical signal processing; high speed signal; time-domain demultiplexing; ultra-fast effects; fast four-wave mixing; nonlinear gain dynamics; optical and gate; sla; loop mirror configuration; gain saturation; short optical pulse

The huge bandwidth of optical fibres can be used for the transmission of high data rates multiplexed in the time-domain. The bottleneck will be the speed of the electronic signal processing at the termination of the transmission line. Employing optical signal processing at this point for demultiplexing the high speed signal, data rates of more than 100 Gbit/s can be transmitted. In this paper, we review two methods for optical high-speed time-domain demultiplexing, both using ultra-fast effects in semiconductor laser amplifiers (SLA). The first reported method uses fast four-wave mixing based on nonlinear gain dynamics in the subpicosecond range to build an optical AND gate. The second demultiplexing method uses a setup with an SLA in a loop mirror configuration. Fast gain saturation of the SLA is obtained by a short optical pulse. The principles of both methods are explained and system experiments during the recent two years are reported.