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Condition Monitoring at Machine Tools

: Neugebauer, Reimund; Fischer, J.

College International pour L'Etude Scientifique des Techniques de Production, Paris:
Knowledge based manufacturing. Session 5: Knowledge Based Manufacturing Machines Operation : 15th-18th March 2010, Karpacz
Wroclaw, 2010 (Journal of machine engineering 9.2009, Nr.3)
Conference on Supervising and Diagnostics of Machining Systems <21, 2010, Karpacz>
Conference Paper, Journal Article
Fraunhofer IWU ()
condition monitoring; machine tool; diagnostic parameter; main spindle; axis drive; hydraulic component; pneumatic component

From machine tools a high availability is expected. Unplanned downtime leads to high costs for the repair and because of lost production. Therefore, the operators of the machines require long-term guarantees of availability and cost by the manufacturers. The purchase of a machine tool today not only depends on the technical parameters and investment costs, but also on the Total Costs of Ownership (TCO). The maintenance is an important cost factor and they reflect today still mainly reactive, ie, as a result of failures. Maintenance plans of the manufacturers who will prescribe a preventive maintenance depending on operating hours, often not implemented consistently. Ideal would be a condition-based preventive maintenance of the most important components of a machine tool. This allows shifting repair times in non-production periods and replacement parts can be selectively obtained. This ultimately leads to cost savings.
The presentation describes a condition monitoring system, which was developed as a part of the research project VIPRO at Fraunhofer IWU. The paper presents results on the monitoring of motor spindles, drives and hydraulic and pneumatic components .