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(2*2) digital optical switch realised by low cost polymer waveguide technology

: Keil, N.; Yao, H.H.; Zawadzki, C.


Electronics Letters 32 (1996), No.16, pp.1470-1
ISSN: 0013-5194
Journal Article
Fraunhofer HHI ()
electro-optical switches; integrated optics; optical polymers; optical switches; optical waveguide components; thermo-optical effects; (2*2) digital optical switch; polymer waveguide; thermo-optic adiabatic modal evolution; symmetric x-crossing; tapered overlap; polarisation insensitive switching; wavelength insensitive switching; crosstalk; 1.3 micron; 1.55 micron; 45 mw

A novel (2*2) digital optical switch is reported involving thermo-optically induced adiabatic modal evolution. The device incorporates a symmetric X-crossing and a tapered overlapping area between electrodes and waveguides. Polarisation and wavelength insensitive switching is demonstrated at lambda =1.3 mu m and 1.55 mu m with a switching power of >or=45 mW and crosstalk values of <-25 dB.