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Entwicklungstendenzen photonischer Nachrichtennetze

Trends of photonic communications networks
: Baack, C.


Frequenz 50 (1996), No.9-10, pp.192-197
ISSN: 0016-1136
ISSN: 2191-6349
Journal Article
Fraunhofer HHI ()
broadband networks; frequency division multiplexing; internet; multimedia communication; optical fibre networks; technological forecasting; telecommunication network reliability; time division multiplexing; photonic communications networks; future broadband internet; multimedia services; optical frequency division multiplexing; optical time division multiplexing; optimum matching; communications demand; reliability; flexibility

Photonic networks will be the base of a future broadband Internet that permits easy access to a variety of multimedia services. Optical frequency and time division multiplexing techniques enable an optimum matching of the photonic network's capacity to the increasing communications demand, thereby reacting to the requirements of new services in a flexible way. Flexibility and reliability with high profitability are the crucial characteristics of future photonic networks.