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Large-signal analysis of all-optical wavelength conversion using two-mode injection-locking in semiconductor lasers

: Hörer, J.; Patzak, E.


IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 33 (1997), No.4, pp.596-608
ISSN: 0018-9197
Journal Article
Fraunhofer HHI ()
fabry-perot resonators; laser cavity resonators; laser modes; optical frequency conversion; optical switches; semiconductor lasers; all-optical wavelength conversion; two-mode injection-locking; large-signal analysis; dc-biased fabry-perot laser; optical injection; cw signal; modulated signal; injection-locking; input signals; multigigabit range; inverting conversion; noninverting conversion; operation modes; conversion mechanism; dispersive switching; threshold; data rates; output extinction ratio; bandwidth; relaxation oscillation frequency; resonator length; injected current; injected power; 20 Gbit/s

A large-signal analysis is presented for a DC-biased Fabry-Perot laser locked by simultaneous strong optical injection of a CW signal and a modulated signal into different modes. The model is based on the description of injection-locking by Lang (1982) which is shown to hold even under the condition of strong injection and large detuning of the input signals. The following results are obtained: the configuration allows all-optical wavelength conversion in the multigigabit range, and both logically noninverting and inverting conversion is possible. In both operation modes, the conversion mechanism is mainly attributed to dispersive switching which is shown to be very fast above threshold due to injection-locking. Operation up to data rates of 20 Gb/s is possible with reasonable output extinction ratio. The bandwidth is determined by the relaxation oscillation frequency of the laser. It will be extended by decreasing the resonator length, increasing the injected current, and increasing the injected optical power. The output signal is nearly chirp-free. The model is able to explain the main results of previously published experiments.