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High-capacity upgrade of a PON by means of wavelength-routers and WDM techniques

: Hilbk, U.; Hermes, T.; Saniter, J.; Westphal, F.J.

IEE Professional Group Optical Technology and Applications:
IEE Colloquium on WDM Technology and Applications 1997 : Savoy Place, Lodnon, Thursday, 6 February 1997
London: IEE, 1997 (Digest. Institution of Electrical Engineers 1997,36)
Colloquium on WDM Technology and Applications <1997, London>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer HHI ()
diffraction gratings; optical fibre networks; optical waveguide components; telecommunication network routing; wavelength division multiplexing; high capacity upgrade; pon; wavelength routers; wdm techniques; all-optical wavelength division multiplexing; passive optical network; wdm overlay; experimental verification; outside fibre plant; arrayed waveguide gratings; point to point connectivity; central office; optical network unit; remote node; 1.5 micron; 1.3 micron

A concept for an all-optical wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) overlay on a passive optical network (PON) and its experimental verification is presented. The WDM overlay at 1.5 mu m is realised leaving the outside fibre plant and the operation of the existing PON at 1.3 mu m unaltered. Arrayed waveguide gratings (AWG) are used to establish a point to point connectivity via individual wavelength paths between central office (CO) and each optical network unit (ONU). To keep the remote node (RN) totally passive the AWG at the RN can be monitored from the central office.