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Luminescence properties of SrS:Ce3+, Cl thin films

: Hüttl, B.; Velthaus, K.O.; Troppenz, U.; Mauch, R.H.

Journal of the Society for Information Display 4 (1996), No.4, pp.275-279
ISSN: 1071-0922
International Conference on the Science and Technology of Display Phosphors <1, 1995, San Diego/Calif.>
Conference Paper, Journal Article
Fraunhofer HHI ()
cathodoluminescence; cerium; electroluminescence; electroluminescent displays; optical films; phosphors; photoluminescence; powders; strontium compounds; srs:ce3+ thin films; excitation spectroscopy; luminescence properties; defect density; photoluminescence yield; defects; sr vacancies; mn co-doping; driving frequency; transferred charge; tfel; thin film phosphors; phosphor doping; 60 hz; srs:ce; srs:ce,mn

Excitation spectroscopy and photoluminescence investigations have been carried out to evaluate the luminescence properties of SrS:Ce-based thin films. The results are compared with those obtained on efficient powders. The application of a model developed for cathodoluminescence leads to the assumption that the defect density in the thin films is much higher than in powders. These defects act as killers leading to a reduced photoluminescence yield. The nature of the defects is not clearly identified; however, Ce doping-induced Sr vacancies are proposed as possible candidates. As a consequence, Mn co-doping has been applied, leading to a significantly improved PL and EL performance of the luminescent layers. An EL efficacy of 1.8 lm/W at 1- mu C/cm2 transferred charge and 60-Hz driving frequency has been obtained.