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Diffuse-infrared broadband-communication system based on multiple optical carriers

: Wolf, M.; Mampel, D.; Iversen, K.

Faulkner, D.W.:
ATM, networks and LANs : Proceedings of the European Conference on Networks & Optical Communications, NOC '96
Amsterdam: IOS Press, 1996 (Network and optical communications 2)
ISBN: 90-5199-276-9
ISBN: 90-5199-274-2
ISBN: 4-274-90104-1
ISBN: 3-905084-46-5
European Conference on Networks and Optical Communications (NOC) <1996, Heidelberg>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer HHI ()
optical links; optical modulation; wavelength division multiplexing; diffuse-infrared broadband-communication system; multiple optical carriers; point-to-point communication; multipath dispersion; optical power; multi-point-to-multi-point connections; modulation schemes; multiple wavelength modulation schemes; wdm; wsk; 155 mbit/s

Known non-directed infrared systems are limited to data rates up to 100 MBit/s for point-to-point communication due to multipath dispersion and limitations of optical power. Increasing demand and new applications lead to the requirement of multi-point-to-multi-point connections at 155 MBit/s and more. These data rates can hardly be satisfied by known (single wavelength) modulation schemes for diffuse links. Therefore we investigate the application of multiple wavelength modulation schemes, WDM and WSK, and show encouraging results. These seem to offer the opportunity of an extension of transmission capacities well beyond current solutions.