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Appropriation infrastructure: Mediating appropriation and production work

: Stevens, G.; Pipek, V.; Wulf, V.


Journal of organizational and end user computing : JOEUC 22 (2010), No. 2, Special issue, pp.58-81
ISSN: 1546-2234
ISSN: 1546-5012
Journal Article
Fraunhofer FIT ()

End User Development offers technological flexibility to encourage the appropriation of software applications within specific contexts of use. Appropriation needs to be understood as a phenomenon of many collaborative and creative activities. To support appropriation, we propose integrating communication infrastructure into software application that follows an“easy-to-collaborate”-principle. Such an appropriation infrastructure stimulates the experience sharing among a heterogeneous product community and supports the situated development of usages. Taking the case of the BSCWeasel groupware, we demonstrate how an appropriation infrastructure can be realized. Empirical results from the BSCWeasel project demonstrate the impact of such an infrastructure on the appropriation and design process. Based on these results, we argue that the social construction of IT artifacts should be tightly integrated in the material construction of IT artifacts in bridging design and use discourse