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Special tunable fiber-ring laser, applied as local oscillator in an absolute calibrated spectrometer for WDM systems

: Kruger, U.; Kruger, K.; Helmolt, C. von

22nd European Conference on Optical Communication 1996. Vol.2: Regular and invited papers : September 15 - 19, 1996, Oslo, Norway, 'Folkets Hus' Congress Centre, proceedings, co-located with: 2. European Exhibition on Optical Communication - EEOC '96
Kjeller: Telenor R&D, 1996
ISBN: 82-42-30418-1
ISBN: 0-7803-3603-8
European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC) <22, 1996, Oslo>
European Exhibition on Optical Communication (EEOC) <2, 1996, Oslo>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer HHI ()
fabry-perot interferometers; fibre lasers; laser modes; laser tuning; measurement errors; monitoring; optical losses; optical transmitters; ring lasers; sensitivity; telecommunication network reliability; tunable fiber-ring laser; local oscillator; absolute calibrated spectrometer; wdm systems; calibrated optical spectrometer; edfa-based wdm-system optical transmitter supervision; fiber-ring laser; quasi single-mode; quasi continuously tunable; entire edfa-band; power distributions; absolute frequency accuracy; high insertion loss; fabry-perot-interferometer; edfa-based wdm network

A special tunable fiber-ring laser is introduced. With this laser as local oscillator, a calibrated optical spectrometer was realised which allows the supervision of all transmitters of a EDFA-based WDM-system. A special fiber-ring laser was introduced which is quasi single-mode and quasi continuously tunable over the entire EDFA-band. With that as local oscillator, a spectrometer was built up, which allows the monitoring of the frequency and power distributions of all transmitters in the EDFA-band. The absolute frequency accuracy was better than 0.7 GHz. A sensitivity of -45 dBm was achieved, where the sensitivity was mainly limited by the high insertion loss of the Fabry-Perot-interferometer in the ring. A unit, based upon the described set-up, can be used for supervision of any EDFA-based WDM network.