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Study of carrier transport in SrS:Ce,Mn,Cl electroluminescent devices by optical method

: Hüttl, B.; Kratzert, P.; Lite, K.; Reinsperger, B.; Plant, T.K.; Mauch, R.H.

Mauch, R.H. ; Heinrich-Hertz-Institut für Nachrichtentechnik, Berlin; TU Berlin:
Inorganic and organic electroluminescence : Proceedings of the 8th International Workshop on Electroluminescence to be held from August 13 to 15, 1996 in Berlin, Germany, EL '96 Berlin
Berlin: Wiss. - und Technik-Verl., 1996
ISBN: 3-928943-98-7
International Workshop on Electroluminescence (EL) <8, 1996, Berlin>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer HHI ()
cerium; chlorine; electroluminescent devices; electron mobility; electron-phonon interactions; high field effects; hole mobility; manganese; photoconductivity; space-charge-limited conduction; strontium compounds; srs:ce,mn,cl; carrier transport; photo-generated electron-hole-pairs; low field transport; ohm's law; high field transport; polar optical phonon scattering; carrier drift velocity; electron multiplication; defect ionization; space charges

The carrier transport in SrS:Ce,Mn,Cl EL-devices was investigated by analyzing the behavior of photo-generated electron-hole-pairs in an electric field. The low field transport of electrons and holes obeys Ohm's law, and the high field transport is characterized by polar scattering on optical phonons leading to the saturation of the carrier drift velocity. Around the EL threshold field a huge increase of electron current occurs due to electron multiplication. A multiplication factor of 34*104 cm-1 was found for fields around the threshold using a simple model. The multiplication is based on defect ionization. The ionized defects are responsible for space charges which have been already observed in EL-devices based on SrS:Ce.