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Kontextualisierte und serviceorientierte Unterstützung wissensintensiver Arbeitsprozesse auf der Basis von Mashup-Technologien

: Weinhold, Sebastian
: Müsebeck, Petra; Aehnelt, Mario

Halle, 2009, 120 pp.
Halle, Univ., Dipl.-Arb., 2009
Fraunhofer IGD ()
service-oriented architecture (SOA); mash-up; data integration; knowledge work; knowledge management (KM)

Presently the creation of innovative products is a central challenge of many organizations. In order to reach this goal it is important that employees contribute with their knowledge. It is the task of Knowledge Management to handle knowledge as a key resource of businesses. In order to realize an agile acting it is essential that workers apply their knowledge in business processes quickly. Hence, there is a need for flexible and comprehensive support through information and communication technologies. However, large systems have turned out to be not flexible enough to handle the dynamic nature of knowledge work. Rather a number of little tools are used in specific situations, unfortunately showing the disadvantage of not beeing integrated.
For these reasons the mashup technology is proposed in that field, which has the potential to provide both a flexible and integrated infrastructure. It is analyzed how this technology can be used in knowledge-intensive organizations. The result shows that the effective deployment of the mashup technology increases the productivity of the knowledge workers.