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Design of a piezo electric droplet generator

Practical Semester Report, Karlsruhe, Univ.-TH
: Thakur, M.S.
: Blömer, J.; Seydel, P.

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Karlsruhe, 2005, 50 pp.
Term paper, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer UMSICHT Oberhausen ()
droplet; production; piezoelectricity; plant design; Tröpfchen; Herstellung; Piezoelektrizität; Anlagenkonzept

The driving force behind this work was to develop a robust piezo electric droplet generator for spray drying applications. This report is a comprehensive account of the basic theory underlying droplet generation and the suitability of piezo technology for droplet generation. It begins with a theoretical description of the droplet generation principle and ends with an insight into the future developments.
The present work deals wit the fabrication of a robust Piezo electric droplet generator utilising the basic renowed phenomena of forced jet disintegration and using the Rayleigh criteria for jets. A careful insight into the basics of droplet generators and ink jet printers proved to be of enormous help in designing the current model.