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Saturation effects in the upconversion efficiency of Er-doped fluorozirconate glasses

: Henke, B.; Pientka, F.; Johnson, J.A.; Ahrens, B.; Miclea, P.T.; Schweizer, S.

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Created on: 13.10.2012

Journal of Physics. Condensed Matter 22 (2010), No.15, Art.155107, 6 pp.
ISSN: 0953-8984
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
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upconversion; Er-doping; fluorozirconate glass; saturation

A series of transparent erbium-doped fluorozirconate glasses has been investigated using differential scanning calorimetry, optical absorption, and upconverted fluorescence spectroscopy. The upconverted fluorescence intensity versus excitation power dependence shows that the ratio of the two-photon upconverted emission in the near infrared at 980 nm to the three-photon upconverted emissions in the visible at 530, 550, and 660 nm decreases with increasing excitation power. The integrated upconverted fluorescence intensity to excitation power ratio shows 'saturation' with increasing excitation power, while the point of saturation shifts to lower excitation power with increasing erbium concentration. The experimental lifetime of the upconverted fluorescence decreases with increasing erbium concentration.