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Narrow-band photoreceiver OEIC on InP operating at 38 GHz



IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 10 (1998), No.9, pp.1298-300
ISSN: 1041-1135
Journal Article
Fraunhofer HHI ()
HEMT integrated circuits; iii-v semiconductors; indium compounds; integrated optoelectronics; metal-semiconductor-metal structures; optical receivers; photodetectors; vapour phase epitaxial growth; narrow-band photoreceiver oeic; monolithic integration; optoelectronic integrated circuit; high-speed devices; submicron msm photodetector; metal-semiconductor-metal photodetector; high-electron-mobility- transistors; HEMT; lattice-matched InGaAs-inalas-InP layer stack; fabrication process; metal-organic cvd; chemical vapor deposition; mbe regrowth; mocvd growth; 38 GHz; 1.55 micron; InGaAs-InAlAs-InP; InGaAs-InP

We report on the successful monolithic integration of an InP-based photoreceiver operating in the narrow band around 38 GHz at a wavelength of 1.55 mu m, The optoelectronic integrated circuit (OEIC) incorporates two types of high-speed devices, a submicrometer metal-semiconductor-metal photodetector (MSM PD) made of InGaAs-InP and quarter-micrometer high-electron-mobility-transistors (HEMTs) based on a lattice-matched InGaAs-InAlAs-InP layer stack. For this purpose a fabrication process requiring only twelve main steps including a metal-organic chemical vapor deposition growth for the MSM PD layers and a MBE regrowth for the HEMT layers has been developed. At 38 GHz, a responsivity of 3.5 A/W for the OEIC is achieved.