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Physical layer aspects for a nationwide WDM network

: Bachus, E.-J.; Habel, K.; Langer, K.-D.; Reden, W. von; Schneider, J.; Vathke, J.; Weinert, C.-M.

Faulkner, D.W.:
Technology and infrastructure : Proceedings of the European Conference on Networks and Optical Communications, NOC '98
Amsterdam: IOS Press, 1998
ISBN: 90-5199-402-8
ISBN: 4-274-90226-9
ISBN: 3-905084-52-X
European Conference on Networks and Optical Communications (NOC) <1998, Manchester>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer HHI ()
broadband networks; optical fibre networks; technological forecasting; telecommunication channels; wavelength division multiplexing; physical layer aspects; wdm network; terabit networks; static networks; fixed-wired channels; germany

Future WDM networks will offer terabit/s capacity. Physical constraints are addressed; the results are applied to a nationwide network model for Germany. Most likely, static networks with "fixed-wired" WDM channels will evolve in a first step.